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A fantastic opportunity to provide a great new service and generate extra revenue for your business!

Mobile Phone Charging Machines have proved exceptionally popular in Bars across Manchester and are providing a much needed service to customers who are willing to pay £1 to have charge on their phone!
Some bars have actually said that people are calling into their premises just to charge and buy a drink whilst they wait and with cigarette machines being removed from all bars in 2010 its a new way to bring in revenue.
The beauty of the machine is that it pays for itself in approx 12 months (depending on size of venue) which means that all coins after 1 year are pure profit, not to mention the extra bar sales! Also the machines come with a video screen for advertising purposes which some venues have used to promote gigs, food, special ales etc.

Look up at Products to view the machines and any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recommended Site locations:

Mobile phone shops, Coffee shops, Internet cafes, Hotels, Motels, Health studios,Golf clubs, Retail centres, Shopping malls, Airports, Ferry ports, Exhibition centres, Train stations, Prestige car showrooms, Restraurants, Casino's, Night clubs, Universities, Campus's, Retail outlets, Schools, Newsagents.

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