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The market covers the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and all locations where people on the move will need the opportunity to charge their mobile devices. Whilst awaiting the 20 minute rapid charge they are also a captive audience for advertising to through the video screens of the charger servers.

There are over 60 million mobile phones currently active in the UK at any one time. There all require regular re-charging.

The Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA) states on their website that young people spend 50% more time out of the home than they did 10 years ago.

A recent You Gov survey states that almost 70% of people under 30 ran out of charge on their mobile phones in one month alone. A further 20% were cautious about using their phones in case they ran out of charge.

The recent Beijing Olympics demonstrated the importance and value of the with chargers of different formats everywhere in airport terminals, taxis, hotels, banks, restaurants, bars and throughout the Olympic village complexes.

As mobile phones become increasingly sophisticated, and are used constantly for calls, photos, videos and replaying music, and web access, they require charging on a more regular basis.

Live TV is forecast to be the next major development in mobile technology. This will put an even greater drain on battery life, or the need for an immediate and readily available means to re-charge or top up a device becomes even more critical.

There is therefore a vast market potential in the Uk for both coin operated and coinless mobile charge servers, offering a valuable service to people on the move.

The benefit to the commercial venues purchasing these chargers is that customers will potentially stay at their venue longer - thus driving up total customer spend, as well as offering a valuable service.

There is also a further revenue stream to be made from advertising. This gives the advertisers an opportunity to buy space and pay a premium in locations and sites that they may not have been able to acquire in the conventional way. This will make these chargers a much sought after product with a double revenue producing opportunity.

These devices will become as pervasive and as familiar as ATMs.

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