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Key features of the vending emergency mobile phone and laptop charging Kiosk

Simple to operate, plug your phone in, drop 1into the coin slot and charge your phone for up to 20 minutes emergency charge.

High quality audiovisual display enhances brand awareness Local, national and international advertising generates a significant revenue stream for the site owner /operator Upgrade leads always available.

Supports 95% of all mobile phones, Mp3 ,Blackberry I-Phone, mini USB connections and more.

Option to support the leading makes of Laptop available (eg Apple, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba etc)

Stylish design and eye catching signage.

Enhance corporate brand image

Unlike most vending machines operations, there is no stock involved - simply empty the cash drawer.

Allows from multiple users to recharge their mobile devices simultaneously.

You may make and take calls while charging

All charging leads may be used simultaneously

All Charging units can operate on the following power supply 220/240 Volt 50 Hz and 110/120 Volt 60 Hz

Also all units can operate on 12 volt DC battery



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